Medina County Republican Party

2016 Campaign Headquarters is Open!

The Medina County Republican Party 2016 Campaign Headquarters is located at           951 N. Court Street in the City of Medina (north of Public Square in the old Medina Shopping Center behind Chipotle and Starbucks).

Medina County Republican Candidates – 2016

US President and Vice President
Donald Trump President
Mike Pence Vice President
Ohio Senate
Larry Obhof Re-Elect Larry Obhof – Senate District 22
Ohio House of Representatives
Steve Hambley Re-Elect Steve Hambley – Ohio House District 69
Darrell Kick
Elect Darrell Kick – Ohio House District 70
Ohio School Board
Lisa Woods Elect Lisa Woods – District 5
Medina County
Pat Geissman
Re-Elect Pat Geissman – County Commissioner
Bill Hutson
Elect Bill Hutson – County Commissioner
Colleen Swedyk
Re-Elect Colleen Swedyk – Recorder
Andy Conrad
Elect Andy Conrad – County Engineer
John Burke
Re-Elect John Burke – Treasurer
Dave Wadsworth
Re-Elect Dave Wadsworth – County Clerk of Courts
Dr. Lisa Deranek
Elect Dr. Lisa Deranek – Coroner
S. Forrest Thompson
Elect Forrest Thompson – Prosecutor
Tom Miller
Re- Elect Tom Miller – Sheriff
Medina County Judicial Candidates
Chris Collier
Re-Elect Judge Chris Collier – Court of Common Pleas
US Senate
Rob Portman Re-Elect Rob Portman
US House of Representatives
Jim Renacci Re-Elect Jim Renacci – Ohio District 16
Bob Gibbs Re-Elect Bob Gibbs – Ohio District 7
Ohio Supreme Court
Maureen O’Connor
Re-Elect Maureen O’Connor – Chief Justice
Pat DeWine
Elect Pat DeWine
Pat Fischer
Elect Pat Fischer
Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals
Donna Carr
Re- Elect Donna Carr –  Court of Appeals
Lynne Callahan
Elect Lynne S. Callahan – Court of Appeals
Diana Stevenson
Elect Diana Stevenson – Court of Appeals