Medina County Republican Party

Medina County Republican Candidates – 2016

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Ohio House of Representatives
Steve Hambley Re-Elect Steve Hambley – Ohio House District 69
Darrell Kick
Elect Darrell Kick – Ohio House District 70
Medina County Candidates
Pat Geissman
Re-Elect Pat Geissman – County Commissioner
Bill Hutson
Elect Bill Hutson – County Commissioner
Colleen Swedyk
Re-Elect Colleen Swedyk – Recorder
Andy Conrad
Elect Andy Conrad – County Engineer
John Burke
Re-Elect John Burke – Treasurer
Dave Wadsworth
Re-Elect Dave Wadsworth – County Clerk of Courts
Dr. Lisa Deranek
Elect Dr. Lisa Deranek – Coroner
S. Forrest Thompson
Elect Forrest Thompson – Prosecutor
Tom Miller
Re- Elect Tom Miller – Sheriff
Medina County Judicial Candidates
Chris Collier
Re-Elect Judge Chris Collier – Court of Common Pleas
US Senate
Rob Portman Re-Elect Rob Portman
US House of Representatives
Jim Renacci Re-Elect Jim Renacci – Ohio District 16
Bob Gibbs Re-Elect Bob Gibbs – Ohio District 7
Ohio Supreme Court
Maureen O’Connor
Re-Elect Maureen O’Connor – Chief Justice
Pat DeWine
Elect Pat DeWine
Pat Fischer
Elect Pat Fischer
Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals
Donna Carr
Re- Elect Donna Carr –  Court of Appeals
Lynne Callahan
Elect Lynne S. Callahan – Court of Appeals
Diana Stevenson
Elect Diana Stevenson – Court of Appeals