Medina County Republican Party

Republican Oath of Office Ceremony
December 8, 2015 – 7:00 pm
Williams on the lake

The Medina County Republican Party is hosting an Oath of Office Ceremony on December 8, 2015 for Republicans elected to office this November.

Newly elected Republican office holders are encouraged to attend, and currently sitting Republican office holders are welcome to be part of this special evening.

Attorney General Mike DeWine will give opening remarks and words of encouragement to those just elected or re-elected to office. Judges Kevin Dunn, Chris Collier and Steve McIlvaine will be available to administer the oath of office to each of you who were elected or re-elected to office in this past election.

The Medina County Republican Party wants to recognize Republicans who serve their communities in elected office, and we can not think of a better time than right now!

Please RSVP to to let us know if you will be coming alone or with others. Bring your family. We want this to be a special evening.

See you on December 8, 2015.