Your Place in the Republican Party

Republican beliefs have always been rooted in volunteers taking action to form a balance between government and our individual rights and quality of life. The actions you take are vital in continuing the never ending drive to insure that all Americas are free to choose the role government imposes on our lives and our future generations.

You can make a huge difference in the direction Medina County, the State of Ohio and our Nation by getting involved.  Please consider one of the following areas where you might find your place, your cause and your passion as a Republican on the Move.

·       Become a Precinct Committee Person to support and educate your neighbors on the candidates and issues in upcoming elections.

·       Join one of the Medina County Area Republican Clubs, Young Republicans, or Teenage Republicans.

·       Become a Candidate. Republican values guide how our communities grow and serve the people. There is plenty of opportunity to run for office and demonstrate your Republican values and leadership.

·       Join/form a support group on important community issues.

·       Join a Campaign Committee of your favorite candidate.


More volunteer opportunities to be posted soon.